Tilapia Fish

One of the Largest Eco Friendly Tilapia Fish Farm in Africa with processing Plant for export and local consumption.


1. It is a fixed value chain and socially sustainable concept of fish and/or shrimps farming technique of 6,000 metric tonnes minimum production capacity per year.

2. Aquapolis is integrated fish production technology that houses a processing plant, grow out pond, hatchery, feed mills, cold storage, school, clinics and offers social facilities.

3. Capable of impacting on least 2,000 farm families economically through skills transfer and encouragement of smaller businesses start-ups, e. g. car and truck rentals, food supply and waste collection.


6000 Diary Cows to produce 200,000 litres of fresh Milk per day for processing, export and local consumption.

Dairy farm of 2000 hectares with 6000 Holstein heifer to produce 150,000 liters of fresh milk using the best dairy farm technics to feed 6000 cattle by incorporating the most modern hydroponic sprouting method as a back.


Two thousand (2000) Hectares of land and 22 Hectares for maize Plantation.

Feed Mill

5 + 10 ton Per Hour feed Mill for Extruded Aqua and Poultry with no green House Emission